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Application Series

Outdoor and Marine Textiles

Our silicone leather has the properties of salt spray resistance, antifouling, weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and UV resistance. It is widely used in yachts, outdoor sofas, outdoor tables and chairs, etc.


Home and Office Interiors

Silicone leather has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and mildew resistance. It is widely used in beds, sofas, chairs and indoor soft clothing series.


Hospitality and Healthcare

The silicone material itself is mildew-proof, anti-bacterial, wear-resistant, and stain-resistant, and can be cleaned with any chemical cleaning agent. It is the preferred artificial leather fabric for medical equipment such as medical beds, seats, and ward interiors.

Auto Interiors

Silicone leather has the characteristics of hydrolysis resistance, zero VOC, anti-fouling, anti-allergic, environmental protection, odorless, flame-retardant, and abrasion resistance, which can meet consumers' high demand for car cockpits.


Shoes, Bags and Clothing

Serkey silicone leather/silicone composite leather has different colors and feels, easy to bond, wear-resistant, light, comfortable, breathable, anti-fouling and other properties. It is used in shoes, bags and clothing, stylish, beautiful and practical.


Children's Application:

The company's organic silicon materials have reached the food-grade standards of the US Food and Drug Inspection Bureau, and can be safely used in children's toys, children's furniture, children's seats and other product series.


Sporting Goods

Silicone leather is widely used in the sports industry. Our company is the designated supplier of well-known sports brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. Silicone leather has hydrolysis resistance, antifouling, environmental protection, odorless, flame retardant, and high wear resistance, which fully meets the needs of high-end customers.